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Belize Maya 2012

Come Experience the Maya Ruins in Belize

Mayan Ruins in Belize

Posted by admin on December 1, 2013
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Belize:Mayan RuinsBelize was the heart of Mayan civilization during the classic period that lasted from 250 AD to 900 AD. Various potteries, skeletons, stele, tall palaces, temples and ceremonial centers form the archeological remains which gives a perfect idea of the Mayan culture. Thousands of Maya ruins are scattered all around Belize. The few of these which have been found and excavated by scientists are available for public viewing.

Many planned communities like the waterside community are situated near these Mayan ruins so that the citizens there can inculcate the community feeling that existed in the Mayan society culture.

Mayan Archeological Sites

Altun Ha

Altun Ha was the prime ceremonial site of the Mayans. It provided the trading link between the Caribbean coast and the Mayan centers in the interior during the classic period. A large jade carving of the Maya sun god “Kinich Ahau “is a marvel of Mayan architecture. Huge plazas with thirteen temples and residential structures are located here.


This is one of the most beautiful Mayan sites built on a natural limestone ridge. Six magnificent plazas with more than 25 temples and palaces exemplify its beauty. “El Castilo” is the largest pyramid at 130 feet above the plaza and is preserved as a castle. Serene Friezes are carved on the east and the west side of castle.


The Lamanai Maya center is situated on the bank of New River lagoon in the Orange Walk district. The mask of a Maya ruler emerging from a crocodile headdress is the major attraction of this Mayan site. Surrounded with tropical forest, the glimpse of its finely carved large temples is divine. The archaeological reserve here contains a museum with ancient Maya artifacts which provides a unique glimpse of Mayan culture.


Caracol Mayan ruins are deep in the heart of the Chiquibul Forest Reserve of the Maya Mountains in the Cayo district.

This spectacular structure has incorporated acoustics so that the priests and saints with their normal voices can be easily heard by the masses in the plaza. The Canaa temple here is the tallest manmade structure in Belize. The city planning schemes of the Mayan times can be best witnessed in Caracol Mayan site.

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